Comes v. Microsoft

PX 0035
Email re: DOS 4.0 Retail Upgrade Tree
PX 0135 Email re: OS Strategy          
PX 0241
Email re: Palintir
PX 0258                   Email re: MS Systems SW focus
PX 0592
Email re: New OS/2 Positioning...
PX 0622 Email re: Win 3.1 Compatible WinWord 1.1A
PX 0686
Letter re: disagreement between Philippe Kahn of Borland and Bill Gates of Microsoft
PX 0827 List re: Windows/DOS Beta Black List
PX 1049
Email re: O2/2 Compatibility
PX 1133
Email re: MSDOS detection - Hot Job for You
PX 1386 List re: No Pre-Release Information List
PX 1413 Email re: Undoc API's
PX 1440 Email re: Documenting wfw calls
PX 1614 Email re: FW: Undoc APIs document
PX 1645
Email re: OS/2 status
PX 1676
Email re: systems retreat
PX 1691 Report re: Microsoft Document Systems Retreat: Chicago Integration
PX 1732
Memo re: Microsoft Development Synergy Agenda - DRAFT
PX 1861
Allchin Email re: The Chicago big bang
PX 1999
Email re: DOS & Windows
PX 2151 Email re: Shell plans - iShellBrowser
PX 2246
Email re: Microsoft OCX Support: Is the Playing Field Level?
PX 2383 Email re: Shell extensibility and ISVs
PX 2758
Email re: Go Huskers!
PX 2991
Email re: Office rendering
PX 3020 Email re: ACPI Extensions
PX 3112
Email re: FW: Intel
PX 5042
Memo re: Operating System Strategy
PX 5879
HTML "Openness"
PX 6501
Email re: FW: Open Source Software & Linux
PX 9006 Email re: dos clone check on windows
PX 9035
Email re: bambi v.35
PX 9036
Email re:  supported DOSes
PX 9382
Focus: PDF and Adobe
PX 9509 Email re: Managing the Microsoft Image for Public and Political Acceptance
PX 9695 RE: Please Review RE: Linux compete